Why Did They Blur Out the Phone Number in Hocus Pocus?

FAQs william September 20, 2022

Photo: Courtesy of Disney. According to Yahoo Answers, the digits were likely deleted because they actually belong to someone – someone who probably doesn’t want bored middle schoolers leaving voice messages for Max.

Why is Max Dennison phone number blurred?

Of course, modern fans will also notice when watching TV that the phone number has been redacted. Although 555 numbers are usually used for fictitious numbers, telephone companies started issuing these numbers as the number of people with cell phones increased. Someone actually has Max Dennison’s phone number today.

What is stolen from Max at the beginning of hocus pocus?

The first time the Sanderson sisters used brooms to fly after Maxi, Dani and Allison. Their broomsticks are then stolen by three children dressed up like the Sanderson sisters.

How old is Max Dennison in hocus pocus?

Max is a teenager, about 14 years old, with brown hair and green eyes. He is fair skinned and appears throughout the film, first wearing a tie-dye shirt (much to the amusement of his teacher Miss Olin), then wearing a brown jacket with a blue shirt and jeans.

What was Max for Halloween in hocus pocus?

Max is virgin. This is primarily the catalyst that sets the plot of the film in motion. He lights the Black Flame Candle that awakens the Sanderson sisters after 300 years of death.

Did Billy cheat on Winifred?

Unfortunately, when Winifred found out that Billy was cheating on her with her youngest sister Sarah, she went into a jealous rage and poisoned him, sewing his mouth shut with a blunt needle so he could eat hers Don’t give away secrets, even in death. He died on May 1, 1693.

What does Billy call Winifred in Hocus Pocus?

After cutting his mouth open, Billy calls Winifred “bitch” and “Trollop”.

among other colorful names

Is Allison not a virgin in Hocus Pocus?

Allison is basically saying she’s not a virgin

It’s also incredibly judgmental: Max’s virginity is cited as a negative aspect of his personality. His “lack of experience” is constantly mocked, even once by an adult. The film makes it clear that his virginity is something he should be ashamed of.

Why is Hocus Pocus inappropriate?

As for potentially inappropriate language, Common Sense Media also reported the use of the words “damn,” “lass,” and “idiot” throughout the film, as well as the phrase “go to hell.” The use of harsh language throughout the film is rare enough that it can still get a PG rating, but it’s something that…

should become

What curse does Winifred say she is under?

Winifred initially plans to just kill him, but changes her mind when he calls her a witch and decides he deserves a harsher punishment. Along with her sisters, she curses him to live forever in the form of a black cat, doomed to live forever because he couldn’t save Emily.

Is Max a virgin in Hocus Pocus?

First, he’s just recently been transplanted to Massachusetts from California, which explains his tie-dye clothes on his first day of school – Max’s groovy dude. Second, he is a virgin, a quality that becomes incredibly important when he encounters the black flame candle in the Sanderson sisters’ museum.

What is Binx first name in Hocus Pocus?

But really, the character that makes Hocus Pocus shine is none other than Thackery Binx. His failure to rescue his sister from the Sanderson sisters in colonial Salem condemns him to immortal life as a black cat.

Why are there two Thackery Binx in Hocus Pocus?

He explained to the Daily Beast in 2013 that the film originally used Murray’s voice for Thackery, but ultimately chose to cast a voice actor to give the character “an affected accent”. He also noted that the choice was “absolutely no detriment to Sean, who is a friend and a fantastic actor.” Murray told Bustle in 2018 that…

Is Hocus Pocus a true story?

Hocus Pocus claims that the Sanderson sisters were hanged in Salem on October 31, 1693. While the names and date are fictitious, the gruesome on-screen siblings were actually loosely based on the victims of the real Salem witch trials.

Are Binx and Salem the same animatronic cat?

Both are about witches in the modern world and it turns out they showed the same animatronic cat. Hocus Pocus’ cat character, Thackery Binx, and Sabrina’s Salem Saberhagen were both born human, but were eventually turned into cats by witches.

Was a real cat used in Hocus Pocus?

If some of the film’s set pieces and items look familiar, it may be because many of them were reused on other film sets. Thackery Binx is the same cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Within Hocus Pocus, some of his movements were actual black cats, while the rest were animatronic.

Is Billy Butcherson in Hocus Pocus 2?

Doug Jones was later announced to be returning as Billy Butcherson, Winifred’s zombified ex-lover whom she summoned from the grave to help her capture Max, Allison and Dani (though he eventually turned on his re-animator to help the youngsters fight back).

Who was Winnie’s lover?

Billy Butcherson, portrayed by Doug Jones

Billy is Winnie’s love interest and a zombie that Winnie recruits to help the Sanderson sisters take in the youth of unsuspecting children. Jones is a former cartoonist known for his work in the horror genre.



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