Who sings If not for you on travelers commercial?

FAQs william October 27, 2022

“We re-recorded it with Lily Meola, a rising star. The slower version added the emotion we needed.” Dylan’s “If Not For You”, on the other hand, appears in a relaxed alternate take from his album “Bootleg Series Vol. 2”.

What is the song in the new HBO commercial?

Mr. “The Feeling In Me” by Irrelevant, produced by Svend Lerche, was featured in a promo for HBO Max! Watch the spot here and listen to “The Feeling In Me” – available today – wherever you want to get music!

What did Bob Dylan do with his money?

He earned an estimated $15 million a year in royalties from his songbook. He is also a visual artist and has opened several art exhibitions with his artworks. Apart from these exhibits, he has published eight books about his artwork and drawings.

What is Bob Dylan’s best love song?

What kind of dog is in the Travelers commercial?

He’s a mixed breed dog and the star of Traveler’s Insurance commercials.

Where is the Hartford commercial filmed?

While some came to the shooting as supporters, others who were not included in the commercial were also interviewed in a completely random manner, Lewis said. They were all filmed in front of the Old State House in downtown Hartford, which is clearly visible in the ad.

Who sings on the HBO Max commercial?

The new HBO Max promo features the song “This Is It” by Reuben and the Dark x Night Panda.

Where can I watch the last of us movie?



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