What Was Ponyboy Doing When He Got Jumped by the Socs?

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Ponyboy is attacked by the Socs while walking home from the movies for being a greaser, and the two gangs are locked in an ongoing war of vengeance. He’s vulnerable because he’s alone.

What did the SOCS do when they jumped Ponyboy after the movie?

Question: What did the Socs do when they jumped on Ponyboy after he left the film? Answer: They threatened to cut off his hair and one pulled a knife on him.

Why did SOCS jump Ponyboy?

Why did the Socs beat up Ponyboy? – When Ponyboy comes home from the cinema, the Socs beat him up because he’s a greaser and he’s an easy target because he’s alone and also the smallest of the greasers. 4.

Did the SOCS jump Ponyboy?

They stopped and lunged at him, beating Johnny half to death. One of the Socs wore multiple rings and the rings injured Johnny. It wasn’t the beating that changed Johnny, it was the fact that it scared him.

Why did the SOCS jump Ponyboy and Johnny?

During this discussion, Ponyboy and Cherry discover that they have a surprising amount in common – for example, they both enjoy reading and watching the sunset. Ponyboy expresses his frustration at the greasers’ bad luck while the socs live comfortably and jump on the greasers out of sheer boredom.

Who saved Ponyboy when he was jumped?

A group of greasers come and chase the thugs away and save Ponyboy. Ponyboy’s saviors include his brother Sodapop, a charming, handsome dropout, and Darry, Ponyboy’s eldest brother (Darry took responsibility for his brothers when their parents died in a car accident).

What does Ponyboy try not to do after he gets jumped?

(d) Soda. (b) Darry and the rest of the gang. What is Ponyboy trying to avoid after being jumped on? (a) Defense.

Does Ponyboy get jumped in The Outsiders?

Ponyboy Gets Jumped

When Ponyboy was walking home from the movies, the same blue Mustang that belonged to the Socs who were beating up Johnny stopped in front of Ponyboy and the Socs came out. They beat him up and didn’t stop until the rest of the Greasers came.

Where was Ponyboy coming from when he got jumped?

Where did Ponyboy come from when he was attacked by the Socs? This scribbler lived in New York and was arrested at the age of 10

Who jumped Ponyboy in Chapter 1?

The novel begins by detailing the differences between the poor greasers and the rich Socs and outlining the treacherous world in which they live. When the Socs jump on Ponyboy in the opening chapter, it suggests Ponyboy lives in a place where even an innocent walk is fraught with danger.

When was the first time Ponyboy got jumped?

10. 11. The first time Ponyboy was attacked by the Socs: He escaped danger by running.

Why do the SOCS jump the greasers?

The Socs hate the Greasers for their clothes, looks and manner so they just walk up to them and hit them.

When did Ponyboy and Johnny get jumped?

Ponyboy and Johnny arrive at the park around 2:30 a.m. A car horn alerts them that the blue Mustang is nearby. The boys realize they are outnumbered when five Socs get out of the car, including Bob and Randy, Cherry and Marcia’s friends.

Who killed the SOC in The Outsiders?

Escape from home, Ponyboy and Johnny go to a park where Bob and four other Socs surround them. After some heated talk, Ponyboy spits at the Socs and tells them to try to drown him in a nearby well, but Johnny stabs Bob, killing him and scattering the rest.

Who Drowned Ponyboy?

In the scene where Ponyboy and Johnny run away from home and a group of Socs jump on them in the park, David is the Soc who tried to drown Ponyboy in the well before running away Johnny killed Bob (Robert Sheldon).

Who dies in Chapter 4 of The Outsiders?

Major plot points occur in Chapter 4 of The Outsiders. In this chapter, Johnny Cade, one of the Greasers, kills Bob, the leader of the Socs group. Two friends Ponyboy and Johnny are hanging out in a park when a group of five Socs come to attack them.

Who dies in the outsiders book?

Things only get worse when Soc members Bob and Randy arrive and attack the two boys. Bob pushes Ponyboy’s head into a well, nearly drowning him. Johnny comes to his friend’s defense and stabs Bob to death. Unfortunately, Bob is killed.

Is the outsiders a true story?

Although the real setting might make you wonder if Outsiders is based on a true story (like Hatfields & McCoys in History’s story), this series is entirely fictional. However, the cast and creators reveal that they still did a lot of research to make the story as authentic as possible.

Who shot Dally?

The cops kill Dally. After Johnny dies in the hospital, Dally is so upset that he runs away from Ponyboy and robs a grocery store. The police chase him to the empty parking lot where the Greasers are. There, Dally pulls out his unloaded gun and threatens the police, who shoot him in self-defense.

Who jumps Ponyboy when he is walking home from the movie theater?

Who jumps at Ponyboy when he goes home from the cinema? A group of Socs. 13.



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