What Order Should I Read the Gears of War Books In?

FAQs william September 23, 2022

You should read them in chronological order of Gearsverse. Start with the plate. It details the events leading up to the loss of Ephyra, the trial and conviction of Marcus Fenix ​​as the main cause of the loss of said capital, and Dom Santiago’s efforts to have him released or even released from prison.

What order do I read the gears of war books?

Is Gears of War based on books?

Are the Gears of War books canon?

Gears books, soundtracks, and other Gears media are listed below the games as canon sources for a variety of reasons. Some of this media is presented by Epic Games Affiliates and is therefore not direct canon of the studio, and some is for promotional purposes or Gears ideas released in incomplete development.

Should I play all Gears of War in order?

If you asked if you had to play the first Gears of War trilogy to understand Gears of War 4, the answer is a resounding “no”. With Gears 5, the situation is different. Gears of War 4 is set decades after the events of the original Gears trilogy.

Is Gears of War Judgement a prequel?

Gears of War: Judgment is the fourth game in the Gears of War series. A prequel in nature, it’s also the first Gears of War game without starring Marcus Fenix ​​and Dominic Santiago.

Will there be a Gears of War 6?

In the XNC podcast, Rand al Thor 19 claims he heard from Jez (Windows Central) that the coalition is working on a new smaller game with a new IP that will be released in 2023. He continues by explaining that Gears 6 will be released in 2024/2025.

Does Earth exist in Gears of War?

Gears Of War is set on the planet Sera, not Earth. All of the protagonists are human-looking and have American accents, which inherently means they are of Terran descent. This means that Sera was colonized by the human race sometime in the distant past of the game.

Should you save Del or JD?

In short, whoever you save, the other will die. If you cut off JD’s tentacles, Del will be killed by the Swarm Queen. In the rubble of a collapsed building, JD begins to openly cry and mourn the fact that his friend is dead, overcoming the tough team leader personality he normally has.

Is God of War Betrayal canon?

Betrayal has been confirmed to actually be the canon of the God of War series by Sony Santa Monica Studio Animation Director Bruno Velazquez on Twitter. Unlike the other games in the series, it was never released for home or portable consoles.

Is Del or JD death canon?

TC hasn’t made a final decision yet, but they’re considering it. However, the official Gears 5 game guide talks about the whole story. At the end it states that Del died and JD survived, not the other way around, leading us to believe that it’s possible that JD’s survival is the end of canon. That makes sense.

Which one is the best Gears of War?

#1 – Gears of War 2 – The best Gears of War game.



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