What is the term monkey wrench mean?

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Definition of wrench

1 : a wrench with a fixed and an adjustable jaw at right angles to a straight handle. 2 : Something disturbing has shaken the peace negotiations.

When you throw a monkey wrench in the works?

do something that prevents a plan or activity from succeeding: Funding for the project was withdrawn, so a monkey wrench was really thrown in.

What does it mean to put a wrench in something?

To disrupt, frustrate, or cause problems with a plan, activity, or project. Mainly heard in the US. We had everything set up for the party but the caterer’s last minute cancellation really threw a spanner in the works!

How do you use monkey wrench in a sentence?

1. Your delegation threw a giant monkey wrench into the process this week by raising all sorts of little objections. 2. Vanessa shot out of the car with a wrench and confronted the guy.

What’s another name for monkey wrench?

Also called, particularly British, adjustable wrench. a wrench with an adjustable jaw that allows it to grip nuts or the like of different sizes.

Where does the phrase throw a wrench?

The American English idiom to throw a monkey wrack in means to stop or impede by direct interference – Synonym (British English): to throw a key in(to) the works.

Is there such a thing as a monkey wrench?

Wrench in American English

a wrench with a movable jaw that is adjusted by a screw to fit different sizes of nuts, etc.

What is a spanner in England?

Definition of wrench

1 Mainly British: wrench. 2 : a wrench that has a hole, protrusion, or hook on one or both ends of the head for engaging a corresponding device on the object to be turned.

What does throw a spanner in the works mean?

Definition of Put/Throw a Wrench in progress

: Making something not go as planned We were ready to start the project when the bank put a wrench in Game brought works by refusing the loan.

Who invented the monkey wrench?

Definition of Put/Throw a Wrench in progress

: Making something not go as planned We were ready to start the project when the bank put a wrench in Game brought works by refusing the loan.

What’s the difference between a monkey wrench and a pipe wrench?

The pipe wrench is designed for gripping and turning soft metal pipe as it has serrated teeth on both jaws while the nut/bolt wrench is designed for the nut/bolt as both jaws are flat.< /p>

What does cog in the wheel mean?

For someone who holds a small but necessary post in a large organization like Frank, he knew he was just a cog in the wheels of this massive corporation. This term alludes to the role of the mechanical gear, one of the teeth of a wheel or gear that transmits or receives motion through meshing with other teeth.

What is the opposite of venial?

Adjective. Easily excused or forgiven.

Antonyms. unforgivable, inexcusable adult, unlimited. forgivable forgivable.

What is past tense of throw?

Threw is the past tense of the verb throw. It’s the word you use to say that something threw you off or threw you off course. Through is an adverb and a preposition.

What is a left handed monkey wrench?

A fictional tool typically used to trick someone new to a field or industry. If you want to mess with the new kid, ask him to get you a left-handed wrench, then watch him spend the next hour searching the truck looking for one. See also: monkey, wrench.

What is the type of wrench?

The wrenches come in two popular shapes: L-shaped and T-handle. The L-shaped wrenches are formed from hex wire stock, while the T-handles are the same hex wire stock with a metal or plastic handle attached to the end. There are also indexable insert bits that can be used in indexable insert screwdrivers.

How do you play monkey wrench?

Follow or tap a path of connected tiles to select letters and spell an answer. If your answer matches one of the clues that spell the word, the tiles will disappear and you’ll find yourself closer to solving the puzzle. Use your brain to look for all the clues to clear the tiles and win!

What is another name for a crescent wrench?

Adjustable Wrench, Adjustable Wrench.



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