What Is the Source of the Conflict Between Parris and Proctor?

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Parris claims that Proctor has no right to defy his religious authority. He reminds Proctor that Salem is not a Quaker community and advises Proctor to inform his “followers” of this fact. Parris explains that Proctor belongs to a faction in the church that is conspiring against him.

What is the relationship between John Proctor and Reverend Parris?

In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, religion and church play an important role in the development of John Proctor and Reverend Parris; Parris serves as Proctor’s filly throughout the play, contrasting his religious beliefs, morality and integrity, ultimately revealing Proctor’s good heart despite his flaws

What is the source of the main conflict in Act One of The Crucible?

Dancing was against the law to the Puritans and they considered it a sin. The girls’ actions fueled the rumors of witchcraft that spread throughout the city, sparking further conflict in the town of Salem.

What is Parris conflict in the crucible?

Reverend Parris is unable to make a logical decision for fear his reputation will be ruined. Parris allowed the “Puritan way of life” to take control of his every thought and action, causing severe hysteria among the members of Salem.

What is John Proctor main conflict?

John Proctor’s main conflict is internal and he is a protagonist. Because he realizes that he can stop Abigail’s riot across town, but only by admitting that he had an affair with her. Mr. Proctor has an excellent reputation, but admitting his secret would surely destroy him.

What are the conflicts of John Proctor?

The Crucible – Conflict Analysis John Proctor Internal: John Proctor’s most prominent internal conflict is about the sin he committed, adultery. Proctor cheated on his wife with Abigail Williams, and Proctor feels incredibly guilty because he is “respected and even feared” in town (19).

What is the conflict between John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor?

John had an affair with Abigail when she was a servant in the Proctors’ household. Elizabeth was ill after giving birth to a child when the affair happened. Now Elizabeth and John are trying hard to fix their broken marriage. But Elizabeth is human: she doesn’t trust John yet.

What are the three main conflicts in the crucible?

Lesson Summary

The Crucible portrays external conflicts between John Proctor and his wife, Proctor and Abigail, and Proctor and the court. Proctor’s internal conflicts centered around morality are also important to the story and plot of this play.

What is the conflict between John Proctor and Abigail?

Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft because Abigail is jealous of Elizabeth’s relationship with John. The affair between John and Abigail ruins the Proctor’s marriage, empowers Abigail and prompts John to confess to his adultery.

How does Proctor resolve his internal conflict?

How does Proctor resolve his internal conflict? Finally seeing the good in himself, he forgives his sins and decides to die for the truth.

Which is an example of an internal conflict in the crucible?

John is an example of a torn character because he had a heated argument with Elizabeth about Abigail, Proctor also had an affair with Abigail, and finally John was faced with a life-or-death choice at the end of the pieces.

Who is the source of conflict between Abigail and Elizabeth?

Parris says that Abigail is ungrateful for everything Parris has done for her. What is the source of the conflict between John and Elizabeth? The source of the conflict between John and Elizabeth is the affair between John and Abigail.



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