What is the setting for Chapter 15 in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

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In chapter 15 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, the Watson family is back home in Flint, Michigan. Even Byron was home, although the original plan had been to leave him at Grandma Sands in Birmingham.

What happened in The Watsons Go to Birmingham Chapter 14?

In chapter 14 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, a peaceful Sunday morning is shattered by the sound of a bomb and sirens. The explosion is so loud that even all the bugs and birds in Birmingham go silent in shock. The church where little Joey Watson attended Sunday school was blown up.

What happens in Chapter 13 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

In chapter 13 of the novel The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963 Kenny Watson learns why it is important to listen to adults. When Kenny, Byron, and Joey go swimming, they are warned to stay away from Collier Landing because it’s dangerous, but Kenny doesn’t listen.

Why was Kenny ashamed?

He’s ashamed because Byron saved him, but when Kenny thought the woolly poo had Joey, he just ran away instead of fighting for her.

What is Byron’s reaction to the bird he killed?

Byron throws stolen cookies at a grieving dove perched on a telephone cord. Typical criminal Byron. Then he actually hits the bird and kills it (with a cookie) and suddenly he’s so upset he’s throwing up and crying uncontrollably.

Is Watsons Go to Birmingham based on a true story?

The Watson family is fictional, but the characters and events in the story are based on Curtis’ own upbringing in Flint. Like the narrator of the story, Curtis was ten years old in 1963 and recalls his parents’ active involvement in picketing for the civil rights movement in Michigan during that time.

What does Byron do to his hair?

In Chapter 7 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham, Byron learns that he can’t fool his parents. He gets his hair straightened, which they also refer to as the process, do, butter and conk. Byron had it done because his friend Buphead had one and he wanted to look like a Mexican.

What does LJ steal from Kenny?

Flashback: Kenny used to play with this little LJ, but LJ started stealing Kenny’s dinosaurs a few at a time. Kenny didn’t mind at first, but then LJ brought Kenny out of a bunch of his dinosaurs when they had “The World’s Greatest Dinosaur War Ever”.

What is special about Kenny’s gloves?

Kenny tells us that the only good thing about mom’s fear of the cold is that they can wear real leather gloves lined with rabbit fur. She buys two pairs of these every winter.

What does Kenny think Birmingham looks like?

Kenny is surprised that Birmingham looks so much like Flint, with normal houses and big trees. It’s been ten years since the Watsons last visited Birmingham, so Kenny and Joey never actually met Grandma Sands. There is a lot of hugging, crying and laughing everywhere.

What does Joey say happened at the church?

What Joey says happened at church she was hot in church and sat on the porch and saw Kenny she said Kenny waved from her across the street and him everyone followed the path home.

Who saved Kenny’s life?

And we’re taking it, because in the end, Byron is finally going to be the big brother Kenny always needed. Not to mention he saves Kenny’s life.

Who does Kenny first see in the water with him?

Kenny believes that hallucinating angels is not a good sign. He swims hard and makes it to the surface for a few deep breaths before being pulled back down. This time, while underwater, he sees Byron in the water. Kenny thinks the Wool Pooh will let him see his whole family before he dies.

How did Mr Robert save his dog’s life?

Robert tells Dad and Kenny about the time Toddy was drowned by a raccoon with his head under water. To save his dog, Mr. Robert “pulled” him back to shore, turned him upside down to let the water drain out of him, kept his mouth closed, and breathed directly into his nose.

How does Kenny unintentionally save joetta from the bombing?

How does Kenny accidentally save Joetta from the bomb blast? She mistakenly followed someone she thought was him.

Why does Byron take Kenny to the bathroom to show him his face in the mirror?

Why does Byron bring Kenny into the bathroom to show him his face in the mirror? To show him the mustache coming up on his chin.

Why did joetta leave the church?

As he looks confused, Joetta explains that she left the church because it was so hot. Kenny waved at her and Joetta chased him down the street!

Why didn’t Byron run away when Kenny told him to?

Why didn’t Byron run away when Kenny told him? Bryon just took the punishment because he made a dangerous mistake. Despite feeling sorry for Byron, Kenny thinks he deserves to be punished.



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