What Is the Fastest Way to Get Bux in Tiny Tower?

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Instantly populate all floors by tapping “Rush All” at the bottom of the tower. Immediately move a Bitizen to an empty apartment. Tap on the floor you want to move Bitizens to and select For Rent X Bux.

Used for Bux.
Bux earned coins spent
4,000 cost to build the next floor
2 more rows

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What is the fastest way to get Bux in Tiny Tower Vegas?

So think of things like always keeping the floors filled and having longer gameplays to earn missions and currency by translating Bitizen will help in earning coins and chips. The higher your tower, the more chips you earn for missions that can potentially increase your Bux earnings.

How do you make your money per minute go up in tiny towers?

To make money and more floors, simply build a living floor and check out the people inside once you’ve added them. Let’s say 3 have creative personalities or higher levels of creativity. Next, make a creative floor. Check the app about every 15 minutes and restock each store.

How do you cheat on Tiny Tower?

What is the highest level a floor can be in Tiny Tower?

Each commercial floor can be upgraded to a maximum level of 10 with Bux (or golden tickets, see below).

How often do VIPs come in Tiny Tower?

They are only displayed during the active game. The lobby can hold a maximum of 5 VIPs and they will stop appearing once the lobby is full. The player can force remove VIPs from the lobby by tapping the “X” next to their name. However, this is wasteful and should be avoided if possible.

What does dream job do in Tiny Tower?

Dream jobs

Every Bitizen has a dream job. If you get a Bitizen into their dream job, earn 2 Tower Bux and double the replenishment amount of an item in their workspace without increasing the storage time.

What do gold stars do in Tiny Tower?

The stars on a Bitizen in the lobby indicate what is currently occupying you on the floor, matching his dream job. The gold stars indicate that a skill level 9 Bitizen is in their dream job.

Is it worth rebuilding Tiny Tower?

In general, it’s always worth rebuilding early in the game. It is recommended to rebuild to floor 50 immediately as it takes longer to get to floor 100 than it does to get back to floor 50. The Golden Tickets will also make gameplay much easier over time.

How do you get more Bitizens in Tiny Tower?

One way is to tap on a floor with fewer than three employees and then tap one of the settings buttons at the top. Then you can choose a Bitizen you want to hire for this job.

What happens if I delete a floor on Tiny Tower?

If you delete a floor, be it residential or commercial, the floor will return to empty status and be available for you to build something new.

How many floors are in Tiny Tower Vegas?

I haven’t reached the maximum number of floors yet, I only have 104 floors but the game won’t let me add more. When I try to add another floor (I have enough coins), I get a message that I’ve built all floors.

Does Tiny Tower ever end?

Android devices are integrated with the Mobage social gaming network, and unlike Apple’s Game Center, an internet connection and a Mobage username are required to play Tiny Tower on Android. On August 24, 2015, Mobage announced the retirement of Tiny Tower along with five other Mobage games.

How do you get a golden ticket in Tiny Tower?

Getting Gold Tickets

Gold Tickets can only be earned by rebuilding your tower. When you rebuild, you get 1 gold ticket for every 50 floors you have (i.e. 50 floors = 1 ticket, 100 floors = 2 tickets, etc.). Since version 3.0. 3, Tickets can be purchased by entering the hourly drawing in the menu.

What do the colored numbers in Tiny Tower mean?

The colored numbers indicate your Bitizen’s proficiency in this type of business. This just means they give you that percentage when storing a commodity. Having three level 9 Bitizens in a shop gives you a 27% discount etc. Dream Jobs are more valuable than that, regardless of skill level.

How do you get pets in Tiny Tower?

Players can obtain pets through normal gameplay (when a Bitizen comes with a new pet in the elevator) and through visits and gifts, unlock them and make them usable anywhere. The animals are “provided by Disco Zoo”, another game developed by Nimblebit.

How do you get the gold brick in Lego tower?

Golden bricks. Gold Bricks are used to upgrade your floors in LEGO Tower. You earn a gold brick by rebuilding your tower that is at least 50 stories high. You can see the number of your unused/total gold bricks in the top left corner of the screen under the coins and bux.

What makes the most money in Lego tower?

The latter becomes free when you purchase a LEGO Tower Club membership, but first-time players get 5 days free. Now the wiki page suggests that the first floors you build should be either Bike Repair, Barber Shop, or Fire Station. These three give the biggest payout when Bigspender shows up (more on that later).



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