What Is the Answer to Question 45 on the Impossible Quiz?

FAQs william September 16, 2022

The question uses the Windings font and says “Potatoes fly”. Choices are ACTUAL, FALSE, WHY NOT, and ROFL. So the choice in the top right that says “WRONG” is the correct answer.

What is the answer to number 45 on the impossible quiz 2?

What you need to do is use the last “E” and the “I” in “I see…” along with the “O” in “O RLY?” to complete that particular verse: “E-I-E-I-O!”.

What is the answer to the impossible quiz question 46?

Thor Love and Thunder – The Loop

Eggman, of which we can only see his hand. The possible answers are “Best Flash Ever”, “Meh”, “OMGF U KILLS SONIKKU U BASTUD” and a picture of a person showing their flaming hand to another person while the other person makes fun of it. The answer is “OMGF U KILLS SONIKKU U BASTUD“.

What is the answer to question 47 on the impossible quiz?

Your task is to move your invisible cursor to where the red button is and click on it. The best way to do this is to align your cursor with the cursor’s location on the “disappear” bottle when it is at the lowest point of the screen.

What is the answer to question 48 in the impossible quiz?

The question relates to a Game Over screen in the Metal Gear Solid series, where the Mission Control characters would repeatedly call out Snake’s name (the game’s protagonist), ending with a slightly lengthened repetition of the name. To end the question, the answer is “Snaaaake!“.

What is the answer to question 44 on the impossible quiz?

Question 44 of The Impossible Quiz is a safe question that has no actual question or options. All that’s on screen aside from the usual are a few jumbled jigsaw puzzle pieces. The question number is in one of these parts so you can use it as a reference.

What is the answer to 49 on the impossible quiz?

You can choose from “Slap-Me-Do”, “Slapp-Me-Do”, “Spapp-Me-Do” and “Splapp-Me-Do”. Only one of the options is spelled correctly and that is the lower right one, “Splapp-Me-Do”. Click to continue.

How do you beat level 50 on the impossible quiz?

For this question, the options are “O.K.”, “What.”, “I can’t!” and “GTFO”. Since all you have to do is remember a few seemingly random codes, all you can do is agree and accept, so the correct answer is “O.K.” is.

What is 53 on the impossible quiz?

In short, the correct answer is LOAD ” “, which is what you need to type into a ZX Spectrum/Splapptrum to load a game.

How many questions are on the impossible quiz?

You must solve all of the game’s 110 questions in a single take, with no checkpoints in between.

What is the answer to impossible quiz number 51?

However, if you move your mouse around the question, you will see that as you mouse over the word “came”, the “L” in “last” moves slightly to the left, moving with it “came” connects creation of the word “camel“. That’s the answer to the question; Click on it to go to the next question.

What is 52 on the impossible quiz?

Question 52 from the Impossible Quiz presents you with a single word: “Carrot!“. In the lower part of the screen there are four stacks of green leaves coming out of the ground, each one belonging to either a vegetable or something else entirely. Harvest all options!

How do you beat level 43 on the impossible quiz?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop

The possible options are “Gay”, “Straight”, “Bi” and “Tom Cruise”. The correct answer is “Tom Cruise” because the question also refers to the movie “Jerry Maguire” whose title character was played by Tom Cruise.

What is 42 in the impossible quiz?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop

Below is a wall with 50 copies of the number 42, and between them is a note in parentheses that says “It’s 42”. This question is also the game’s third non-skippable question. The correct answer is the 42nd 42. It’s the second 42 in the bottom row.

How do you pass level 42 on the impossible quiz?

Solution. Click on the 42. 42 as that is really what the task is asking you to do. Although the hint says “HINT: ITS 42”, it means HINT: ITS 42nd.

How do you beat level 54 on the impossible quiz?

While the first three options certainly look like reasonable ways to answer this question, none of them are correct. The answer in this case is “No, about 20 cm off the ground“. This is because “Shanghai” sounds like “She hang high”. The original question as it appears in the demo.

What is the answer to question 44 on the impossible quiz 2?

The answer to this question must continue the dialogue of the game’s intro, so the correct option is “What you say!!“, which was the game’s main character’s reaction after being told it was what happened.

How do you beat level 41 on the impossible quiz?

The correct answer to this question is “Afro” because, according to Splapp, it’s the best part of the duck (and “Afro” isn’t the right term for the crest of the duck). .

How do you beat level 56 on the impossible quiz?

You have to place your finger on the screen and move around until you manage to place it over one of the buttons, which will then become visible again. When you get your finger on one of the right keys, lift it to press it; You must do the same with all four buttons in the correct order.

What’s the answer to 55 on impossible quiz?

The real answer to this question is “A game console for whole grain cookies” because whole grain is an ingredient in digestive cookies and the term “system” is often used for game consoles. Answering this question correctly grants the player the fourth skip of the game.



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