What is a dentil shelf used for?

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For a true artisan look and architectural style, add a Dentil shelf to your exterior door for that extra bit of curb appeal. Installed just below the top panel or glass of the door, the cog shelf is designed to add character.

What is a shelf on a front door called?

A tooth shelf is a small shelf, usually located under a pane of glass on a door. It is a decorative element that distinguishes a handcrafted front door.

What is dentil cornice?

Definition of Dentil

: one of a series of small projecting rectangular blocks forming a moulding, particularly under a cornice.

Why do Craftsman doors have a shelf?

Craftsman or “mission” style doors commonly have a rack that sits along the outside of the door, just below the glass opening. Dentil shelves serve little functional purpose but are used primarily to add character and increase curb appeal as a unique accent.

How do you put a dentil shelf on a door?

What style house has dentil molding?

Dentils are found in ancient Greek and Roman architecture and also in later styles such as Neoclassical, Federal, Georgian Revival, Greek Revival, Renaissance Revival, Second Empire and Beaux Arts architecture.

What era is dentil Moulding?

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Tooth moldings consist of tooth-shaped blocks of wood. Tooth sculpting was first used in Ancient Greek and Roman architecture when blocks were carved into the stone of buildings.

What period is dentil molding?

The Dentil style is the conceived product of art and architecture that has its origins in the 18th century. Century with the Beaux-Arts movement in Paris.

What is a door buck?

A wooden or metal sub-frame set into a wall to which the finished frame is attached; also called Rough Buck or Sub-Buck.

What is a mullion on a door?

Jambs are the dividers that separate panes of glass in a door, similar to window panes. For many years, mullioned showcase doors were the most popular choice among homeowners, largely because there weren’t that many styles of glass fronted showcase doors.

What are door stiles?

Stiles – This is the collective term for the vertical components that sit on the outside edge of a door. Lock Beam – This is the vertical edge of the door that sits on the opposite side of the door from the hinges and contains the lock or deadbolt.

What is a entablature in architecture?

Building, in architecture, arrangement of horizontal ledges and bands supported by and located immediately above columns of classical buildings or similar structural supports in non-classical buildings.

What is a cornice in architecture?

cornice, in architecture, the decorated projection at the top of a wall, used to protect the face of the wall or to decorate and complete the eaves. The term is also used for any protruding element crowning an architectural feature, such as a a door.

What is dentil course?

A row of teeth is an ornament in the cornice bed and consists of a small block with a uniform pattern. This item can be crafted from different types of stone and is typically found in Greek and Roman architecture.

What is a craftsman style door?

A craftsman’s door cannot simply be a wooden door. Instead, it includes decorative glass panels along the top of the door. They can have a beveled design on the edges, use stained glass in the design, or be opaque.

What is the most common house style in America?

Ranch homes are the most popular homes in 34 states – especially in the Midwest and East Coast.

What style is a 1930’s house?

Houses from the 1930s had a very typical layout with a room off the entrance hall and a second living room and kitchen at the back. On the upper floor of these small houses there were usually two bedrooms, a small room and a bathroom with a toilet. There would also be a detached garage.

What is 1920’s house style?

Earlier modernist homes of the 1920s were Art Deco in style, while later examples were more streamlined in Art Modern style. Both were adaptations of popular shapes used in commercial buildings at the time (like the Chrysler Building in New York City).



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