What happens to Augustus in The Fault in Our Stars?

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After returning to Indianapolis, Augustus’ health continued to deteriorate, resulting in his being in intensive care for a few days. Fearing his death, Augustus invites Isaac and Hazel to his funeral, where they deliver eulogies. Augustus dies shortly afterwards, leaving Hazel heartbroken.

What happened to Augustus in the end?

Fortunately, Augustus did not suffer the same fate as his adoptive father, Julius Caesar. August died of natural causes on August 19, AD 14 at the age of 75. He was immediately succeeded by his adopted son Tiberius. Read more about Tiberius, Augustus’ adopted son and successor.

How old is Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars?

Augustus “Gus” Waters

The sixteen year old with osteosarcoma who becomes Hazel’s boyfriend. Augustus has a sharp wit and a penchant for achievement – he indulges in grand romantic gestures.

What happens to Hazel after Augustus dies?

She goes to the Anne Frank Museum and learns that Anne Frank’s own father did great things in her memory.

Does Hazel get pregnant in The Fault in Our Stars?

Three weeks after Augustus’ death, Hazel found out she was pregnant. She has a feeling that she will have a different Gus, something to remember him for. But little to her condolences that the baby is dying. She gives birth to Gus’ child, but it doesn’t survive because the cancer Hazel was exposed to caused things to go wrong.

Did Hazel and Augustus sleep together?

They have sex, which is unspecified but intended to be “slow and patient and quiet and neither particularly painful nor particularly ecstatic” (p. 207). Augustus falls asleep afterwards and Hazel quietly leaves, writing him a silly love letter on her way out.

Who dies at the end of The Fault in Our Stars?

The plot is clear: in the end, Hazel Grace’s great love, Augustus Waters, dies. He is 17. His death allows Hazel to learn a lot about herself, her attitude towards mortality and her role in the world.

Is fault in our stars a true story?

Yes, The Fault In Our Stars is based on a true story. John Green, the author, got the inspiration for The Fault In Our Stars after working at a children’s hospital. John Green said that the character of Hazel Grace was inspired by his friend Esther Earl, who died of thyroid cancer at the age of 16.

Is The Fault in Our Stars a sad ending?

The Fault in Our Stars is no exception. There’s the heartbreaking ending you know all too well, in which Hazel reads Augustus’ beautiful obituary/love letter after he dies of cancer. We now learn that author John Green wrote an earlier draft of the novel that ended very differently.

How did fault in our stars end?

The novel ends with Hazel reading the words of Augustus. He says that being hurt in this world is inevitable, but we can choose who we allow to hurt us and that he is happy with his choice. He hopes she likes her choice too. The last words of the novel come from Hazel, who says she does.

Does The Fault in Our Stars have a happy ending?

Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus “Gus” Waters, two lovers in perilous times, know from the start that one is likely to lose the other. “An unabashed tearjerker,” as USA TODAY’s critic Claudia Puig calls it, The Fault in Our Stars certainly doesn’t have a happy ending.

How long were Hazel and Augustus dating?

The only reference to dates I can find in the book is that they arrive in Amsterdam on May 4th and visit his grave on Bastille Day, July 14th. If you want something about your “X Days A.G.” Reference(s), he died on July 1st. So, assuming Amsterdam is where they officially became a couple, two months.

Where did Hazel kiss Augustus?

The youth film, based on the 2012 book of the same name by John Green, shows the protagonists Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus (Ansel Elgort) inside the Anne Frank House, who are suffering from cancer – also a recreated set in Pittsburgh – they share their first kiss after a frail Hazel manages to breathlessly climb the stairs to…

Is Augustus Waters a tragic hero?

If you’ve read The Fault in Our Stars, you know that Augustus Waters is a classic tragic hero. Readers fall in love with his intelligence and humor and his apparent love for Hazel, the protagonist.

What did Hazel say at Augustus funeral?

Hazel then gives her eulogy and says that Augustus Waters was the love of her life. She says she won’t talk about her love story as she will die with them, instead explaining that some infinities are bigger than others.

What is Hazel suffering from?

The narrator, 16-year-old Hazel, has stage 4 thyroid cancer that has metastasized to her lungs, forcing her to use an oxygen tank because, as she puts it, ” her lung sucks to be lung.” Hazel’s love interest, Augustus, is a 17-year-old former high school basketball star who lost a leg to osteosarcoma (bones…

What did Hazel overhear her mother say that really stuck with her?

Summary: Chapter 8

It reminds Hazel of the time when she was near death and heard her sobbing mother say she wouldn’t be a “mother” anymore. As the meeting progresses, the general consensus is to remain with the Phalanxifor regiment while monitoring pulmonary fluid accumulation more closely.

What does Hazel Grace look like in the book?

Appearance. Hazel is said to have a pageboy cut with dark brown hair and green eyes, and describes herself as having “chipmunk cheeks” from steroid treatment. She has stage IV cancer and metastases that have spread to her lungs.



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