What Happened When You Dropped the Crumpled Paper and the Flat Sheet of Paper?

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Once it’s crumpled, the surface area in contact with the air is much smaller, allowing it to fall much faster. When the sheet of paper is placed on top of the book, there is no air underneath at all. Because of this, both objects fall at the same rate. This force is called gravity.

Why does a crumpled piece of paper fall faster than a flat sheet of paper?

Because the air offers some resistance to the falling sheet of paper as well as the crumpled ball, the resistance to the movement of the crumpled ball through the air decreases, causing it to fall faster than the sheet of paper.

What happen if you drop a book and a sheet of paper crumpled to a ball?

Due to its smaller area, a ball made from a crumpled piece of paper, when dropped from a great height, experiences less drag, its speed increases, and it falls faster.

What happens when you crumple a piece of paper?

When you crumple the paper, creases appear to relieve tension in the sheet. It turns out that the total length of these folds increases logarithmically as you repeatedly pinch and unfold the sheet of paper.

Why a flat piece of paper will fall more slowly as compared to the same paper after it has been crumpled into a ball?

The flat piece falls slower because it has a larger area than the crumpled piece. So more air gets trapped underneath and slows it down. This is called “air resistance”.

Why does crumpled paper falls faster compared to a flat Uncrumpled one even though they have the same mass?

The reason the crumpled paper hits the ground first is air resistance. A crumpled sheet of paper has less surface area than an uncrumpled sheet of paper. More surface area means more drag. Think of the crumpled piece of paper when you fall out of a plane without a parachute.

What have you observed on the motion of the crumpled piece of paper as compared to the motion of the coin?

If a coin and a piece of paper are dropped next to each other at the same time, the paper will take much longer to hit the ground. However, if you crumple the paper into a compact ball and drop the items again, it appears as if both the coin and the paper hit the ground at the same time.

What will happen if a crumpled paper and feather were dropped at the same time from the same height?

Answers. When there is no drag, the rate of descent depends only on how far the object has fallen, no matter how heavy the object is. This means two objects will hit the ground at the same time if they are dropped from the same height at the same time.

Why will a sheet of paper fall slower than one that is crumpled into a ball BYJU’s?

Because a sheet of paper has more surface area than a crumpled ball, it experiences greater drag. As it experiences greater drag, its speed decreases. Therefore it falls slower than a crumpled ball.

Does piece of paper and crumpled paper reach the ground at the same time?

Explanations: At first you probably thought the book would hit the ground first since it’s heavier. But once the piece of paper was crumpled up, they landed on the floor at the same time! Strange since it’s the same piece of paper and the book is still heavier. It all depends on the shape.

How do you describe crumpled paper?

When you crumple something like paper or fabric, or when it crumples, it squashes and becomes full of messy folds and creases.

What is the crumpled paper?

In geometry and topology, crumpling is the process by which a sheet of paper or other two-dimensional manifold undergoes disorderly deformation to yield a three-dimensional structure containing a random network of ridges and facets of variable density includes.

Why did the piece of paper change its shape when you crumple it?

They all go through a physical process called wrinkling, which occurs when a relatively thin sheet of material – one with a thickness much less than its length or width – has to fit into a smaller area.

Why does a sheet of paper fall later on the earth surface than the paper ball of equal weight dropped from a certain height?

Answer: A sheet of paper will fall to the surface of the earth later than the paper ball of the same weight when thrown from a certain height, because the sheet of paper experiences greater air resistance due to its larger surface area but the paper ball has less surface area, so the air acts less on the paper ball than…

Why will a sheet of paper fall slower than one that is changed into a 3 ball form?

A sheet of paper falls slower than one that is crumpled into a ball because the surface area of ​​the ball is much smaller than that of the sheet. Thus, the upward force exerted on the blade by air is strong compared to that exerted on the ball. Therefore, the hand falls more slowly.

When a sheet of paper and paper ball are dropped on lunar surface which one will fall fast Why?

Answer 1: Heavy objects fall at the same rate (or speed) as light ones. The acceleration of gravity is about 10 m/s2 anywhere on Earth, so all objects experience the same acceleration due to gravity.



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