How Do You Turn on the Machine in Riddle School 5?

FAQs william September 17, 2022

Enter the front room. Click on the escape pod. Click on the code machine on the left.

How do you fix the cookie machine in Riddle school?

Go to the teacher’s lounge and click BEHIND the cookie maker (on the shadow box too) and then plug in the cable. Now you can buy the cookie and give it to the cookie boy.

What happened to 5 in Riddle school?

The 5 presidential campaign poster was removed from Riddle Elementary School in Riddle Transfer 2, for the simple reason that Joochrome didn’t want to redraw it.

What is the code for Riddle school transfer?

Enter 78255 on the dial pad. Exit the room and go to the storage room (door with box on it). Click on the papers from top to bottom. Take the elevator key from under the orange paper.

How do you make the cookie machine work in Riddle School 2?

Click on the papers on the desk. Take the money. Click behind the cookie maker. Plug in the cookie maker .

How do you get the cookie for Chubb in Riddle school?

At puzzle school, Chubb blocks Munch’s way to the staff room. The only way to get him to get out of the way is to give him a dollar so he can buy a cookie from the cafeteria’s (unknowingly broken) machine.

Is there a riddle school 4?

Music. Riddle School 4 is a 2010 game developed by JonBro (Jonochrome) and is the 4th installment in the Riddle School series.

What is the code for Smiley in Riddle School 5?

Type 1831 on the numeric keypad and press the check mark. You are now in Smiley’s dream.

Who is JonBro?

Jonochrome (Aka: JonBro).) is the creator of Riddle School and One Night at Flumpty’s. Since then, now 27, he has made several animations and games.

How many riddle school games are there?

Jonochrome (Aka: JonBro).) is the creator of Riddle School and One Night at Flumpty’s. Since then, now 27, he has made several animations and games.

Is there a riddle transfer 3?

Riddle Transfer 3,4 and 5

The first two games were finished but the remaining three were canceled for various reasons. In addition to the reasons for the cancellation of the series, JonBro also says “No one has permission to continue the series”, meaning the series is best left as is.

Is there a riddle transfer 2?

Riddle Transfer 2 is a Flash game by JonBro (Jonochrome). It is the sequel to Riddle Transfer 1. The flash game was released on Newgrounds on the 10th anniversary of the Riddle School Series (May 25, 2016) and is the final game in the series.

Where is the cookie in Riddle school?

In Riddle School 2, Phil Eggtree plugs in the biscuit maker in the staff room before buying a biscuit for 75 cents. He gives the cookie to Chubb to get out of the way of the principal’s office.

What is the locker code in Riddle School 3?

After speaking to her in the Teacher’s Lounge, Phil retrieves the note, which oddly reads “BLOBBLES”. However, if you turn it upside down, you will see the password “53788078”. Phil enters the code and unlocks the locker, and Richy thanks him by giving him a quarter.

What happens when you beat Riddle School 3 twice in a row?


This happens when you win the game twice. In quite a spooky and dark tone, words will say you are obsessed with the monkey puppet. The monkey puppet’s eyes will turn red. Disgusting.

When did Riddle School come out?

Riddle School is a 2006 Flash-based puzzle-solving game developed by Jonochrome (formerly known as JonBro). The game revolves around an elementary school student, Phil Eggtree, who tries to escape from his school after an incident in which he raised another student sent him to a special classroom.

How do you combine the gum and the ruler in Riddle School 3?

Two click on the globe to rotate it until a pink gum wad becomes available. Then click on the gum to add it to your inventory. Then combine it with the ruler.

Who is the main protagonist in Riddle school?

Phil Eggtree is the main protagonist of the Riddle School series.

How do you get the Slidy in Riddle School 2?

Exit, turn right and then click on the first locker on the right. You will get a dime. Enter again right. b> Click on the “slide” to reveal a toilet paper roll in the vent.

What is Jonochrome famous for?

Jonochrome (born June 1994, formerly known as JonBro) is a game developer and animator best known for the Riddle School series and the One Night at Flumpty’s games. He’s also known for incorporating black comedy into his work, and sometimes even a bit of surreal horror.



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