How Do You Get to the Safari Room in Luigis Mansion?

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The Safari Room is a room in Area 3 of Luigi’s Mansion that can be accessed with the key from the fortune teller’s room. After Luigi uses his Poltergust 3000 on each of the mounted deer heads on the north wall, a blue flame will appear.

How do you beat the Safari room in Luigi’s Mansion?

When Luigi absorbs all of this, the room will light up and Luigi will be given the key to the balcony. This can get pretty hectic, so Luigi may need to lure several ghosts to him, blast them with the ice element, then quickly stun them with the flashlight before sucking them up.

How do you get into the secret room in Luigi’s Mansion?

The Hidden Room is an optional room in Area 2 of Luigi’s Mansion. You can access it by inspecting the mouse hole in the Butler’s Room with the Game Boy Horror and activating a warp that will suck Luigi through the hole.

How do you get to the balcony in Luigi’s Mansion?

The Balcony (Japanese: バルコニー Balcony) is located in the third area of ​​Luigi’s mansion. After Luigi has sucked up 20 boos, he can enter the balcony. On the balcony, Luigi fights Boolossus. After Luigi defeats Boolossus, a large treasure chest will appear with the blue diamond-shaped key to Area 4 inside.

How do you get into the conservatory in Luigi’s Mansion?

The Conservatory is a room within the Haunted Towers in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. The Conservatory can be entered by taking the door on the fourth floor of the Toolshed Stairs or taking the door to the right of the Crow’s Nest. The Conservatory is a two-storey room with a large organ in the middle.

Where are the twins hiding in Luigi’s mansion?

They are staying in the twins’ room on the second floor of the mansion. Unlike the other members of their immediate family, the twins are not fought on Luigi’s first visit to the second floor. That’s because they hide their key in a completely different part of the villa.

How do I get to Area 3 in Luigi’s mansion?

Hit the treadmill. Start walking towards it and Luigi should start running. After a few seconds, a key will appear. This is the key to the hallway that essentially gives you a shortcut through the house.

What is the hidden mansion in luigis mansion?

The Hidden Mansion is a game mode in Luigi’s Mansion that has tougher spirits, but the Poltergust 3000 is 1.5 times stronger. The player earns more money in this mode, but attacks do double damage when hitting Luigi compared to the standard game.

Where is the guest room in Luigi’s Mansion?

The Guest Room (Japanese: 来客用寝室 Guest Room) is a room Luigi can find in the fourth area of Luigi’s mansion.

Is King Boo the 50th boo?

In Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi unleashes fifty Boos (fifty-one including King Boo). He then has to catch everyone throughout the game. Thirty-five of the fifty regular boos are named, and each one always starts in a specific room (the other fifteen are smaller ones that together form boolossus).

How do you get to the balcony in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Red Gem: Balcony 501 – Use the Darklight to reveal the door of Room 501, then use it again to reveal the hidden door of Balcony 501. Walk along of the ledge to the right to get this gem out of the gargoyle’s mouth.

How do you beat the balcony in Luigi’s Mansion?

Red Gem: Balcony 501 – Use the Darklight to reveal the door of Room 501, then use it again to reveal the hidden door of Balcony 501. Walk along of the ledge to the right to get this gem out of the gargoyle’s mouth.

How do you get past the 6f in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Once you get to the 6th floor, Castle MacFrights, turn right. Use Gooigi to move through the bars. Then suck and pull the spring to keep the gate open for Luigi. Aim the dark light at the missing armor and use a suction shot to break it.

How do you open the gate in Luigi’s Mansion?

Put a bucket under water to fill it up, then grow one of the flowers in the back of the room. Flash it to reveal a gem .p>

How do you get to the crypt in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

The Crypt is a room in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon that is accessed only in mission B-3: Haunted Tower Graveyard Shift. It requires a key that Luigi must grab before entering the door, which has now closed on Luigi. You enter by lighting a spider ball and holding X to keep it off the water.

How do you get the butler in Luigi’s Mansion?

Go to the butler’s room (using the key you found earlier) and wait for Shivers to come in. If he sits in a chair and starts rocking back and forth while screaming, you have a chance to suck him in. Suck up this butler’s HP and get the key to the conservatory.

Who is Wario’s brother?


Mario and Wario aren’t cousins, but surely Waluigi is Wario’s brother? No, thank god. Wario was the original “Wa” inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom and appeared as a villain for Mario in 1992.

What do I do after Bogmire?

Return to the mansion. At the very back of the first floor corridor, go to a glowing locked door. As you approach it, it will glow and the spikes blocking it will disappear, allowing it to be opened safely. This door opens with the Mace Key you received after defeating Bogmire.

Where is Mario’s letter in Luigi’s mansion?

Mario’s Letter is the second item Luigi collects in the game. This item is located in an aviary in the courtyard. When the item is given to Madame Clairvoya, the letter should read: “L-O-O-K O-U-T F-O-R B-O-O-S, L-U-I-G-I!”.



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