How Do You Get the Third Element in Legend of Zelda?

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What is the third element Minish Cap?

The Water Element is the third of the four elements Link collected in The Minish Cap. It is located in the Temple of Droplets in Lake Hylia. His power is poured into the White Sword.

How do you get the wind element in the Legend of Zelda?

How do you get the earth element in Zelda?

The Earth Element is the first of the Four Elements obtained by Link, found in the Deepwood Shrine in the Minish Woods. After defeating the Big Green Chuchu, Link obtains the element and continues on his journey to find the others.

How do you fuse Kinstones?

When Link approaches a character, such as a specific Hylian, Minish, or animal, a thought bubble may appear over their head. In this case, Link Kinstones can merge with them by pressing ‘L’. Link can also blend Kinstones with other specific objects, such as B. some statues and clouds.

How do you get the third book in Minish Cap?

The third book is A History of Masks. The book can be found in Mayor Hagen’s Lakeside Cabin in Lake Hylia. To reach the hut, Link must travel to the northern part of the Minish Forest. From there he can use the Mole Gloves to dig into a cave that eventually leads to Lake Hylia.

Where can I find fire element?

The Fire Element is the second of the four elements Link obtained within the Flame Cave on Mount Crenel.

How do I get to Castor winds?

Go to the northwestern part of the Castor Wilds and dash through the swamp in the Pegasus Boots. Avoid the spikes in the swamp, then use the tree stump to shrink to Minish size. As Minish, go left and through the hole in the log.

How do you get the heart piece in the palace of winds?

Go left and stun the mummies with the boomerang and push the top block into the hole. Jump over and go through the door. You will find a heart for your problems. Walk down and shoot the floating bomb in the lower right corner when it’s near the broken blocks to reveal a new area to jump.

How do you cross Castor Wilds?

In order to safely cross the swamps, Link must obtain the Pegasus Boots from Rem. Three golden Kinstones can be found in Castor Wilds, which are important to reach Wind Ruins as there is a huge boulder blocking the way.

What is the order of the Four Elements?

Greek philosophy held that the universe was made up of four elements: fire, air, earth & Water. The four elements are usually arranged as four corners, but can also be arranged in ascending order, bottom up, the earth rising from the water, air above the earth, and the sun (fire) above all .

What do you do after you get the earth element?

After defeating the big green Chuchu, the earth element levitates down from the ceiling. Grab the full heart container that’s left for you, then step through the green portal to warp out of the Deepwood Shrine.

How do you get the heart piece in Deepwood Shrine?

Centerpiece #3: In the first dungeon, Deepwood Shrine, a treasure chest containing the Gust Jar will appear once you defeat the Madderpillar mini-boss. Use it on the bottom right door to peel off the mesh and reveal a passageway. Go through and grab the heart that’s waiting for you.

How many Kinstone fusions are there?

List of mergers. A total of 100 Kinstone fusions can be performed over the course of the game; 18 of these are random fusions that are not tied to any specific character, and 9 of them are necessary to advance the story (these required fusions are performed using golden Kinstone pieces).

How do you get a piece of Kinstone?

Green Kinstones

Green Kinstone pieces can be found simply by mowing grass and defeating enemies.

How many Kinstones are there?

There are 100 Kinstone Fusions in Minish Cap. This list shows all of the parts required and the people you can fuse with, as well as the results of each merger. Some of the first 22 Kinstone mergers occur with random people. After reaching certain points in the game, more fusions become available.

How do you get the legend of the Picori book?

To move the bookshelves in his house, Link needs to shrink to minish size and enter the well to get the power bracelets. After that, Link can adjust the bookshelves so he can go into the rafters. Link finds Legend of the Picori here, but he has to help a Town Minish push it down first.

How do I get the mayor Hagen book?

Just north of the shack, Link will find a Minish portal with a tree stump he can use to resize it. Link can enter the Lakeside Cabin through the normal entrance or by crossing a lily pad at the north entrance in Minish form. Link must do this to push the book off the top shelf.

How do you get the book in Zelda?

The Book of Mudora is a collection of ancient Hylian lore and tales, and a guide to translating the ancient Hylian language found throughout the land of Hyrule. It’s in a library south of Kakariko Village. To get it, Link must destroy the bookshelf with the Pegasus Boots.

How do I get more fire elements?

Other foods you can use to increase the fire element in the body are of course hot spices such as cayenne, chili, black pepper, ginger and cinnamon, and vinegar.




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