How Do You Get a Killer Beetle in Monster Hunter Tri?

FAQs william September 17, 2022

Where can I find killer beetle in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite?

How do you get killer beetles in mhp3rd?

Where can I buy Expand pickaxe?

Go to forest and hills training, take big sword and chop off Rathalos tail. If you’re lucky you can carve a Rathalos jewel worth 25000 points. You need 30000 points to get some advanced pickaxes as a reward, so it’s a waste of time.

Where can I get Carpenter bug mhp3rd?

The best place to find Carpenter Bugs is in the Moga Woods in area 4 in the cave where the cats are hiding. You’ll usually find a maximum of 1-3 per visit, or if you’re lucky you might get 4.

How do you get Bealite ore in mhp3rd?

Accepted Answer

You can’t get bealite ore from the volcano lul. Go into the flooded forest and there you are. Also, Mining Site 2 sometimes gives you Bealite Ore.

Where is the flooded forest?

The Flooded Forest was a swamp lying between Cormanthor, the Drachenfels and the Earthtrack Mountains, between the lands of the Moonsea and the Reach north of Faerûn.



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