How do you change a battery in a massager?

FAQs william November 1, 2022

What do you do if your massage gun won’t charge?

Hold the button down until it starts, typically between 8 and 10 seconds. If it still won’t start, the engine is most likely seized from high pressure. Restarting is actually very simple and requires you to charge the massage gun with a USB-A to USB-C cable until you see the light flicker.

How do you remove Theragun mini battery?

To remove the battery, push the slide button up to release the battery from the device. If you are still unable to remove the battery, please email our Customer Experience Team at [email protected] describing your issue. Be sure to include the serial number and order number in your email.

How do I open HoMedics massager?

After your massage is complete, turn off the massager by pressing the on/off button once. When the batteries need replacing, open the battery door by pressing the tab (C) down. Insert two “AAA” batteries into the chamber as indicated on the compartment and replace the door.

Why is my HoMedics massage gun not working?

There may be a battery issue. Fully charge the device and then try to turn it on. The LED battery level indicator should let you know when the device is fully charged. Be careful not to turn on the massage gun while it is charging.

How do I charge my HoMedics massager?

How do I reset my massage gun?

To reset your massage gun, make sure the power is completely off, then take a paper clip (or similar thin, long object) and insert it into the massage gun’s reset button, while pressing the gun on/off button. Press and hold the button for about 10 seconds and release.

Can you overcharge a massage gun?

However, there is no need to overcharge your massage gun as this can affect battery life. An overnight charge is the best performance you can give your device.

How do I know if my massage gun is charging?

The red light on the charging plug indicates that it is charging. When fully charged, this light will turn green. While charging, set the massager power switch on the bottom of the battery to “OFF”. After fully charging, remove the cable from the battery charging port, and then unplug the power cord.

How do you open a mini Theragun?

To remove, grasp the attachment by placing a finger on each side of the plastic connector. Pull off the attachment. Your Theragun mini comes with a standard bullet attachment designed for general use. It is also compatible with all available attachments except those exclusive to the first generation Theragun liv.



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