Can you be a cheerleader and not flexible?

FAQs william September 26, 2022

The short answer is Yes, you can still be a cheerleader even if you’re not flexible. You may want to work on your flexibility before trying for your cheer team, but your trainer will most likely give you a stretching routine to follow.

Do you have to be fit to be a cheerleader?

Exercises to get in shape for cheerleading. The jumps, tumbling and stunts involved in cheerleading require a high level of fitness.

What is needed for Level 2 cheerleading?

Level 2 – Requirements are, Tumbling: Round-off Back Handspring, Standing Back Handspring Stunting: Cupie, Prep Level One Leg (including all your flexibility) and Tick-Tocks at chin height, one Cradle and a straight drive throw.

How do you get flexible fast?

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